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Please give us your feedback

Your feedback is valuable to us - if you a few minutes please give us some and we will do our best to improve the festival for all visitors, brewers and volunteers.

Ticket info

We have a few festival passports left - get yours from Linticket.

Comrade! Welcome to our republic

Catch a mens choir singing the Soviet National Anthem, meet the Whats Brewing tank brigade crew, talk to our KGB-agent, collect stamps, meet a lot of awesome people, catch a few awesome beers and try our food.

Find your brewery

You're probably aware that there are going to be amazing breweries serving their world class beer at What's Brewing. Click to find out where they are located in the Tou Scene maze.

What's on tap?

We have four servings. Friday 14-18 and 18-22. Saturday 14-18 and 18-22. Download or get a programme of our comrade.

What to eat?

We have the perfect food selection for our beer types - served until 22:00


FRIDAY 20th OCTOBER 1400 - 2200
SATURDAY 21st OCTOBER 1400 - 2200



Contact our embassy

General Enquiries
Per Arne Alstad
930 04 217

Press contact
James Goulding

Lost and Found
Please give us a call on monday.

How to get here

communist bus service

You can take bus #4 from Stavanger – Rosenli to bus stop Lervigtunet. It runs frequently. Check out Kolumbus for time tables.

public parking

We do not provide parking during the festival – but you can park at Tou Parking Hall which is nearby. Max 100 NOK/day.

taxi service

Sometimes that is more convenient – the number for Stavanger Taxi is (+47) 51 90 90 90.

Socialist media

Our social media team will keep you totally up to date with all you need to know!